Joomla Web development in Chandigarh

Joomla is an easy-to-use open source content management system (CMS). Using Joomla, website owners can easily add and edit content to their websites. Joomla’s flexible management tools are the reason for its wide use. WebGuru India leverages this quality to provide small businesses as well as established corporate companies with Joomla customized website designs.


Joomla an award winning open source CMS


Joomla is a leading content management system that helps to develop highly secure & extensible websites. With the availability of more than 6000 extensions, Joomla provides you with the option to add preferred attributes and extra functionality to your website. It is backed up by a large number of developers and coders always present on community pages. We utilize Joomla to create mobile friendly responsive websites. We have a highly experienced and specialized team of experts who build budget friendly websites and web apps that help in increasing your business website’s traffic, improving business sales and enhancing ROI.

Joomla can be used on the following web projects


Web Directories

Web directories are online platforms that organize and categorize websites, providing users with a curated list of links to relevant resources. web directories rely on human editors to review and categorize submissions.


E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites have become integral components of the modern business landscape, facilitating online transactions and reshaping the way people shop. These platforms enable businesses to providing a convenient and accessible shopping experience for consumers.


Educational Websites

Educational websites offer a diverse range of learning resources, from interactive courses to informative articles. These platforms empower learners with accessible and engaging content, promoting knowledge acquisition beyond traditional classrooms.


Document Management Sites

Document management sites streamline organization workflows by providing secure platforms for storing, accessing, and collaborating on files. These platforms offer advanced search functionalities, version control, and permissions management.


Social Club / Event Management Sites

Social club and event management sites simplify the coordination of gatherings, allowing users to create, and manage events effortlessly. These platforms provide tools for RSVPs, ticketing, and communication, fostering seamless event planning.


Community Forums / Sites

Community forums/sites serve as vibrant hubs where individuals with shared interests engage in discussions, seek advice, and exchange valuable information. These platforms provide a space for users to connect, and build a sense of belonging.